Display Advertising Costs

Local Rate: $10.50/column inch
National Rate: $12.50/column inch
1/8 Page (9 col. inches–2 col. x 4.5in.) $94.50
1/4 Page (21 col. inches–3 col. x 7in.) $220.50
1/2 Page (35 col. inches–5 col. x 7in.) $367.50
Full Page (70 col. inches–5 col. x 14in.) $735.00
Per Insert $150.00
Frequent Inserts $100.00
Color: $90.00 Per Page
Regular Typeset $0.95/Line
Affidavit $2.00/Sheet
Boxed $7.50/Column Inch
Page Size
The Journal Era’s are 14 inches deep and 10 inches wide. It is divided into 5 columns, 11.5 picas each, with a pica gutter between columns. Widths of ad columns are: One Column: 2 inches; Two Columns: 4 inches; Three Columns: 6 inches; Four Columns: 8 inches; Five Columns: 10 inches.
Subscription Rates

$30.00/6 month subscription

Directory Advertising

Professional Services $15.00/Week
Church $5.50/Week
Business Directory $42.00/Week
Larger Size (Back Page) $55.00/Week
Larger Size (Inside Paper) $50.00/Week
Signature Sponsors $30.00/Week
Classified Advertising
Each Insertion $0.45/Word
Minimum Charge $5.00
Boxed in $8.50/Column Inch
All classified ads must be prepaid unless the advertiser
has an established account with us.
Special Promotion
We can assist advertisers with special promotional campaigns
upon request. These will be handled on an individual
basis with regard to design, duration and overall promotional
Political Ads
All political advertisements must be paid in advance of
The deadline for all advertising is Noon the Monday before that week’s publication. If a pre-production proof is required, the deadline is Noon the Friday before publication.